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Keep your eye on the ball this National Eye Health Week

21 february 2018

Press release

Whether you’re on the football pitch, in the pool or climbing a mountain, your eyesight can be critical to your performance and safety when engaged in sports.
Ensuring your eyes are healthy through routine eye tests and being sure to choose the correct eyewear, should you need it, can be the difference between returning your opponents pass or keeping yourself focused on your game and not on your sliding glasses. That is why this National Eye Health Week (September 23-29) Specsavers together with football icon, Ian Wright, are encouraging everyone, including budding sports stars, to get their eyes checked to ensure they don’t lose the picture.
Ian says: ‘Our sight is so important for our day to day life, and even more so in sport. It would be a real struggle without it. When I was a forward for Arsenal and Crystal Palace, it was not only important that I kept my eye on the ball, but that my vision was on top form in order to correctly judge distances and ensure my coordination was up to scratch in tackling and passing too.’
While there are a variety of sporty frames on offer, those who lead an active lifestyle might find that wearing contact lenses rather than glasses can make quite a difference to their performance, confidence and safety in sport. Contact lenses won’t bounce or slip while moving and sweating; they won’t fog up come rain or shine; they won’t get in the way of any other head gear and they won’t snap or break in contact sports as glasses might. All the while, contacts will improve your vision stability and give you a wider field of vision, meaning you’ll be at your most agile during activity.
As technology continues to advance, lenses have become more comfortable, and the highly trained staff at Specsavers will offer their expertise on ensuring you choose the correct eyewear for your lifestyle. The optician will carefully check your eyes to not only make sure there’s nothing to stop you wearing contact lenses safely and comfortably, but also ensure your eyes are healthy. They will also make sure you know how to look after your lenses, should this be the correct option for you.
Dr Nigel Best, Specsavers clinical spokesperson, says: ‘Contact lens hygiene is essential to maintaining your eye health as it reduces  bacteria build-up and the risk of infection, however research shows that although 85% of people think they comply with hygiene advice, only 32% of people actually take proper care of their lenses[1].’
As a result, Dr Best has shared a list of easy tips to keep your eyes healthy:
  • Always wash and dry your hands before handling your contact lenses
  • Don’t share your contact lenses
  • Don’t sleep in your lenses unless you’ve been advised to do so
  • Don’t use tap water or any other water on your lenses or case
  • Don’t wet your lenses with saliva
  • Apply your lenses before putting on makeup
  • Don’t swim with your lenses in
  • Keep your eyes closed when using hairspray
  • Don’t wear your lenses in the shower
However, while contact lenses are a great option for sportspeople, they aren’t for everyone. For those concerned that contacts may not be for them, staff at Specsavers are also able to recommend a number of alternatives that suit those who prefer glasses, including snap-on bands and tie holders that will keep your glasses in place during activity. For swimmers, prescription goggles are also available and are always recommended over wearing contacts under goggles to avoid build up in lenses.
Your eyes can reveal a lot about your general health so it’s really important to have regular eye tests – once every two years, or more often if recommended by your optometrist. To book your next appointment or find your nearest Specsavers store or visit www.specsavers.co.uk